How To Care For Your Equipment
Caring for Your Equipment

No matter how well you take care of your equipment, it won’t last forever. Normal wear and tear can cause your equipment to become less effective. So you should replace your supplies when they show signs of wear. Here are some guidelines to help you determine when it’s time to order replacement supplies. Check with us or your health insurance company to understand your replacement benefits.


Sleep therapy masks used in the home tend to last three to six months. There are several factors that determine how long your mask can provide effective therapy, including seal deterioration, fitting, and mask cleaning.

  • Seal deterioration: Once a cushion begins to interact with facial oils and acids, the sealing effect of the cushion deteriorates despite proper mask and facial hygiene. As a result, more and more leaks may occur. You might react by tightening the headgear and continuing to tighten it over a period of time. This can lead to reduced usage and effectiveness of your therapy.
  • Proper fitting: A mask that is not properly sized and fitted can cause you to continually readjust the mask and/or over-tighten the headgear, potentially reducing how long it can work effectively. Therapists are trained to properly fit masks, however, your facial features change significantly during sleep. Contact us if you feel you have a fitting issue.
  • Mask cleaning: How you clean your mask and the products you use can affect how quickly your mask deteriorates.

Inspect your mask for deterioration regularly and replace it when it shows signs of damage or age. Keep in mind that not all wear is visible to the eye. If mask leaks are increasing or you are tightening the headgear more and more, it may be time for fresh supplies.

Using a mask that is in good condition helps to maintain proper seal, comfort, and compliance. Contact us for additional supplies or if you have any questions concerning your therapy. If a replacement is needed, most health plans provide coverage for a new mask every three to six months.


Regularly inspect your tubing to make sure it is clean, pliable, and free of tears. Even with proper care, tubing can collect bacteria and should be replaced every three to six months. If you think your tubing is ready for replacement, contact us.


Your device may have one or two filters—a white disposable filter and a washable foam filter. The white filter should be replaced once or twice a month. The foam filter should be replaced about once every six months. Consult your device manual for proper maintenance of your filters.

How to care for your equipment

What you need to know about replacing your supplies