Monitoring Your Progress
Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Treatment

Some people feel the benefits of their PAP therapy right away. They may have fewer morning headaches, feel more energetic and alert during the day, and nap less than they did before they began therapy. Over time, they may take these benefits for granted. Other people may not feel differently immediately after they start treatment.

Aside from “feeling different,” it’s not always easy for you—or your doctor—to measure how well your treatment is working. Some visible signs are weight loss and/or lower blood pressure. But your device may also be able to tell you.

Your PAP device tracks your data

Many PAP devices collect data about the number and length of your therapy sessions. Often, this data is automatically recorded onto a modem, memory stick, or removable secure digital (SD) card.

Then it may be uploaded to your doctor’s compliance management system. Since every device is different, talk to us about how the information gets from your device to your doctor. Your doctor will use this information to evaluate how you’re doing and whether you need any adjustments to your pressure prescription.

Monitoring your progress can also help you use your treatment consistently. And the result is a good night’s sleep.

Getting the most from your PAP device