Getting The Most From Your PAP Device
Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Treatment

We’ll set your PAP device to deliver the pressure that your doctor prescribes for you. But you may notice there are other settings on your device. These additional features can help make your PAP therapy more comfortable and more effective. They can also show you how often you’re using your treatment.


Most devices have a feature that gives you the opportunity to fall asleep on a lower than prescribed pressure. You can choose the period of time over which the pressure gradually increases until you reach your prescribed level of pressure.

Pressure relief technology

Many PAP devices include flexible or pressure relief technology. This feature lowers the pressure at the start of exhalation, when many people find therapy most uncomfortable. Pressure relief makes it easier to exhale against the pressure delivered through the mask, but still provides your prescribed pressure when you need it.

In some devices, the technology also provides an easier transition from exhalation to inhalation. This feature makes breathing on the device feel more natural, making it easier for you to adapt to therapy and use it regularly.

Patient feedback

Many PAP devices collect and report various information about your use of the PAP system. This may include hours of use, mask leak, number of days of use, average hours of use, and more.

Because all devices are different, yours may not have all of these features or, they may not be enabled on your device.

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