How To Know Your Treatment Is Working
Starting Your Treatment

Some people feel a difference after their very first PAP session. Others take longer to experience the benefits of therapy. So how do you know your treatment is working?

Benefits you may feel

When you use your therapy every night, you may experience the following benefits:

  • Less sleepiness during the day time
  • A better mood
  • A better memory, attention and concentration
  • Fewer awakenings during the night to go to the bathroom
  • Improved overall quality of life
Data that shows your treatment is working

There’s another way to know whether your therapy is working—your device can often tell you. Most devices have a chip or system that records your data throughout the night. Other devices have a setting that lets you see how many hours you experienced therapy during the night. You may be able to easily access the data from your device from a screen or menu option. By reading this data, you can take measures to get the greatest benefit from your treatment. Please talk with us about how to access this information.

Using your PAP system for the first time

Finding the right mask