National Sleep Services (NSS) is a division of the The VGM Group of companies. National Sleep Services is not an Independent Diagnostics Facility (IDTF). The intent of this program is to diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea, the most common of all sleep disorders. National Sleep Services is not responsible for diagnosing any other sleep disorders or conditions.

The screening tool used on-line is the Epworth Sleepiness Study, a commonly used questionnaire used by sleep professionals to determine levels of risk for sleep apnea. This questionnaire relies on patients answering the questions honestly to the best of their ability. The VGM Group and National Sleep Services will not be responsible for questionnaires completed with inaccurate responses. The decision whether a patient is prescribed a sleep study (portable or in-lab) will rest solely with the patient's physician.

National Sleep Services expects the patient prescribed a portable diagnostic sleep study is the patient who completes the sleep study. National Sleep Services will make every effort to ensure the patient performs the sleep study as directed, however, will not be responsible for patients who intentionally violate the terms and conditions of the study.

National Sleep Services uses a contracted provider screening, scoring and interpretation and is not responsible for results of these items.

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